The worship at Christ Church is a unique experience.

communionOur formal liturgy uses elements from Biblical theology and the best of church tradition to lay out a pattern for us to worship. We hear God’s call to worship, we confess our sins to God, we hear God’s pardoning word in the gospel, we read God’s holy Scriptures and hear them expounded, we commune with God through the Lord’s Supper, and we are commissioned by God to go out into the world to spread the gospel.

music2Singing is also a central action of our worship. We encourage all of the congregation to sing out joyfully and rigorously with the best of traditional hymnody as well as the Biblical psalms. The music in our worship is not a performance for the congregation but instead an element of the people’s worship which they offer to God.

Our worship is for all the people of God. From the youngest to the oldest, families and singles, everyone is included in our worship and called to lift their voices to the Lord. The people are the living temple, the house of prayer for all nations, and so we all join together to be the church.

You can see a sample bulletin here.