We are very excited to announce a conference on November 7th, 2015 in Lakeland, Florida. Our speakers will be Pastor Douglas Wilson, Mr. Joe Carter, Dr. Benjamin Merkle, and Christ Church Lakeland’s pastor, Steven Wedgeworth. Our conference is titled “Witness: Life in a Post-Christian World,” and we’ll be talking about the ways in which Christians can live distinctive and counter-culture lives today. Last week was a big reminder that our times have already changed, and so Christians will now be forced to ask themselves difficult questions about how their lives need to change as well. Hopefully this conference can start (or help to continue) the important conversations we need to be having.

The main conference is on Saturday, November 7th, and it will be held at the historic Polk Theatre in downtown Lakeland. There will be a social event the Friday night before at Patio 850, and we are also inviting everyone to worship on Sunday, where Pastor Wilson will be our guest preacher.

Please register now. There is an early registration date for September 1st. After that, the prices will increase. We have also been able to get group rates for the Terrace Hotel, which is right around the corner from the conference. Go to this link to reserve your rooms.

We look forward to seeing everyone!

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